Leaders on Hostel Booking Around the World

Hostelworld has over nine million reviews across 35,000 properties in more than 170 countries, making the brand the leading online hub for social travel. The website and mobile app operate in 19 different languages.
Role: Product Designer


Analysis to all our designs are being carried out internally before we sit down to make perfect pixel designs. During this analytic period, we take information from stakeholders, do competitors analysis and find pain points to resolve in the design process.

Finding CTA bellow the fold on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Analysing current user flow.

User Flows

Mapping user flows allow us to create smooth transitions to lead users to complete tasks. We map the simplest possible paths to show our users how to complete a specific task. The user flows are meant to guide the users through clear visual layouts and contextual feedbacks.

Layout and user flow solution 1.

Layout and user flow solution 2.

Property Management Tools

At Hostelworld we pay special attention to property management tools and work hard to create smooth flows and interactions. Our aim is to make the most complex tasks fun and easy to use. One of the most exciting features of the property management tools are the dashboards where the users can have an overview of the hostels performance.

Rates and Availability

Dealing with prices for rates and calendars for availability on large hostels require precise management tools displaying tables with complex information. The availability screens are designed to enhance visual appearance and to make it easy for the user to select rates for different days of the calendar.

Availability & Rates screen for Hostelworld Inbox.

Adding standard rates with automatic saved and user feedback.

Switch to turn on/off non-refundable rates on an specific date.

Setting up rates and non-refundable rates for an specific room.

Brand Awareness

Marketing campaigns are key to maintaining brand awareness and improve our communication. We use Hostelworld blog to communicate a unique culture of world travelers. In the last years, a priority goal has been to show to the world fun is the vibrant social life of hostel travelers as much as communicating the variety of budget traveling around the world.